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Criminal Law



              CBS News article on Lana Canen wrongful conviction case

             Huffington Post news article on Lana Canen wrongful conviction case

             Goshen News article on Lana Canen wrongful conviction case 

      Indiana Voices

               Indiana affiliate to the national organization dedicated to providing a resource for sex or violent offenders and their families.

      The Post-Conviction Process in Indiana    

             A helpful flowchart of the process available to criminal defendants who wish to challenge their convictions and/or sentences.

      "What You Are Facing"

              Provides information about what sentence a defendant could receive, based on what s/he has been charged with.

      Probation vs. Parole: What is the Difference?

      Indiana Post-Conviction Rules

              Includes links to blank petitions for post-conviction relief and successive post-conviction relief.