Joel C. Wieneke

Joel C. Wieneke Joel grew up in a working class family on the east side of Indianapolis where his knowledge of what a lawyer was, or did, was primarily defined by "Night Court," Judge Wapner, and Claire Huxtable. A product of his upbringing, Joel worked construction upon graduation from high school instead of tackling pre-law or political science college courses as many attorneys do. This real-world experience may have made the journey of becoming a lawyer a long one, but it enriched Joel's life with the value of hard work and fostered a firm understanding of the challenges facing working-class Hoosiers.

Eventually, Joel did find the desire to go to college, and there became inspired by the role of law in society while majoring in history at Indiana State University. His good friends chuckled when he came home with an outdated edition of Black's Law Dictionary. Nevertheless, Joel's curiosity with the law eventually paid off as he went on to law school at Indiana University-Indianapolis and made the best grades of his entire academic career. Upon graduation Joel went to work for one of the most respected civil rights lawyers in Indiana, Michael Sutherlin, and then went on to clerk for the Honorable Judge Patricia A. Riley of the Court of Appeals of Indiana.

Wanting to get into the courtroom to represent real people with real problems, Joel opened a practice in Greencastle, Indiana, which brought him back to the county where he spent long hours as a child exploring his grandfather's farm. His practice in Morgan County now takes him all over the state, handling nearly every type of case at each stage of the criminal justice process. 


He knows that the courtroom cannot fix the world in which we live, but he wants to give all his clients what they deserve: a fair chance to obtain a just result and the respect they deserve while pursuing that end.

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